Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Comes Around Goes Around

The 80' it or hate it, it's back! Clothes, shoes, hair and now interiors all have a pinch of the decade we all swore we would never bring back. I strolled past GAP and their entire spring line was neon yellow, bright green and hot pink. I've been having a great time dressing my 3 year old in track suites, shiny gold stretch pants and neon vintage dresses (insert evil laugh now:) As I watched the VMA's, Grammys and even the Oscars there they were; shoulder pads, geometric, and color blocking galore. Trending now for interiors is brass, shine, and fun electric shades of sherbert. And for the muted 80's version, mauve, pink, baby blue and cream paired with brass, glass and leather.

I wounder..can we share the 80's with say, Hollywood Regency or even mid century? Replace cheap laminate for quality wood and marble? I suggest baby steps. Fun poppy accessories, pillows, and art can liven up a space and be changed out easily or added to without breaking the bank. BUT as for crazy me..I choose to use a high gloss lime green on a clean line chest of drawers with crystal knobs or 4 shades of pink on a vintage dresser and adding a mirror to the top for even more drama. Chrome and pink? Yes please. Orange and white? Oh yes. Neon Yellow and black? Super Chic!

80's inspired Bedroom 

Lime green eclectic- 80's living room

 Chic Antique's multi-pink-Chic-da-fied Vintage Dresser

Trends in Fashion = Trends in Decor

Have a great day!