Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art Studio Search Begins...

With our 1 year anniversary of the store coming up we are happy to say we need more space! Our services have expanded and with that orders have been pouring in for custom work but keeping the store stocked as well has us wondering where do we go next? As I ponder where my next art studio will be I also can't help but wonder what the new interior design concept will be too. Here are our current spaces and some cool spaces that may or may not influence Chic Antique's new store aesthetic.

  -Crystal Blackshaw

Here is my art studio we are currently renting...good light, great location but just too darn small.
Here we have the store front but would love to have both studio and store in the same location.

I think any artist would feel the inspiration in this London artist loft space. There's got to be a space like this in historic Chicago, right?
 It sure would be fun to have clients come to this address to view our work!
I Likey! North Labrea in LA puts Parisian glam into her trendy Californian boutique. Super Chic!
There's another good idea..a garden IN the store! Like my store now 'Mathew Williamson' showcases its pieces against a white backdrop.

(We will keep everyone posted on how the search progresses..wish us luck!)

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  1. Love the store layout and style, congrats on your 1st Aniversary and many more to come:)