Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pantone names its 2011 color of the year..PINK!

Anyone who knows me and my personal color choice would understand why I am super excited about the new for-casted  color of the year, PINK! LOVE LOVE LOVE any and all shades of pink from light dusty rose to vibrant radiant Fuchsia, they all speak to me and I find myself using the color in a lot of my designs and furniture finishes. Check out a few of my favorite room designs and fashion trends using this years color winner..PINK!
One  of my absolute favorite interior designers, Jonathan Adler puts whimsy and glamor into all of his spaces. Here his pink entryway is a subtle backdrop to showcase his eclectic furnishings.

I love Couture simply because it is the imagination brought to life via fashion. Jemma Sykes created this lovely masterpiece..not sure where or if you would ever wear it anywhere but I kinda feel like knitting myself a little something in this color:)
Or how about painting your entire row house in pink!
I saw this room in Elle Decor and was amazed at how much awesomeness could be put into a tiny 600sq ft apartment. This wallpaper made the room and instead of enclosing the space its cheery color and motif opens up the space and creates interest and a quirky sense of humor.
Next up on my Favorite designers list is the one and only Kelly Wearstler. Her over the top designs take color and pallets to a whole new level. Here her interior design office has many different shades of pink and bridged with cream and gold tones.

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