Friday, January 20, 2012

Bring Out the Bijoux!

Bijoux, French for jewelry! 

Here at Chic Antique we not only carry furniture and decor for the home, but also vintage, antique and costume jewelry. We believe that personal style from the home isn't just between paint color and lampshades but also what you walk out of your house wearing. Why not display your everyday out-of-house pieces inside the home? That's right, display your jewelry and "bring out the bijoux!"

Why hide your favorite accessories tucked away in a jewelry box? Bring out the bijoux for a breath of air and let them shine. If you're like me, you have a large amount of jewelry that's constantly forgotten about, because it's put away. By displaying your accessories, your outfits not only just got a little fashion-flare but you've also created a unique decor piece for the home.

Inside our store we showcase our jewelry with a variety of antique, multifunctional fixtures (some fixtures also for sale). 

Chic Antique; vintage frames with bridal push-pins for necklaces

Chic Antique; serving tray & small display case for loose jewelry
Chic Antique; printers' type case (vintage printing press tray used to separate letters)
Chic Antique; vintage towel rack used for bracelets

We hope you'll drop by Chic Antique this weekend to accessorize! Happy Friday!

- Lauren Gilbertson

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