Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter-Inspired Decor

Here at Chic Antique we find inspiration from all different sources. Today, our creative minds were sparked by looking out our store windows. Normally we have a good amount of snow in Chicago by now, this season, Mother Nature had a different plan. Yesterday the people of Chicago caught their first snowflakes of 2012 on their tongues, our sidewalks covered with 5 inches of snow.

Chic Antique, first snow of 2012
From our store windows we have a great view of the snowflakes falling in Lakeview East. Today, we appreciate the pureness of a snowflake and the whitest-whites. We currently have a few beautiful, white pieces in the store, but don't forget we customize to your taste as well! 

18 1/2"d x 31 x 51"

 Long Dresser
78" x 18" x 30 1/2"

Distressed Petite Chest
24" x 14" x 30"
Today's post also features a few of our favorite "polar" opposites 'winter-inspired decor' seen around the web.

This elegant living room is perfect for any Queen of the Home. The white additions including the sofa, lampshades and curtains truly compliment the dazzling light fixture above. The chandelier mocks the detail of a fragile ice crystal, really acting as the showpiece of any room.

This counter table is a unique piece for any shabby-chic home owner. It's functionality can serve to many needs. The open space underneath allows for additional decor or collectors items. We can't get enough of the distressed look! 

At Chic Antique we recognize that everyone has their own, personal style. We encourage you to stop by to find your perfect piece to complete any home! 
Stay warm Chicago!

-Lauren Gilbertson

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  1. Beautiful counter table, thanks for sharing!