Thursday, July 21, 2011

New London Style

This is where I New London Style. It was London's diverse cultural melting pot that created this 'vintage eclectic twist with minimal modernism' style of Interior Design.

I was looking through a "New London Style" book and was amazed at how drawn I was to every aspect of this style. It's said that "The rule is, there are no rules" when it comes to New London Style. Mix recycled retro pieces with polished industrial flooring, Victorian chairs upholstered in bold prints, the possibilities are endless. There's vast room for your own creative flair. Instead of searching for high end pricey pieces, this style is more recognized for pieces that are more personal to you. Eclecticism at its best.

Hand printed wall papers, Decorating with graphic prints, and bold upholstered vintage pieces of furniture are just some of the ways to a New London Style space.

Nothing matches, but it "goes". Each piece/print, stands well on its own.
Mixing old with new. Although the furniture and accessories may be old, they are refinished with a modernized pink color scheme contrasted against the dark gray chair.

Whoa! Loud pops of modern color contrasted with rich wood grain furniture, clear plastic desks and retro Eero Saarinen inspired round chairs.

Modern, Vintage, Eclectic, Unique, Creative and Inspiring..........

Those were some images from a New London Style book. Kind of reminds you of Chic Antique, right? Well we have a lot of pieces here that would work in a New London Style below:

Eclectic Owl Lamps
Vintage Wall paper. Looks great in a frame, on a piece of furniture or covering a wall!

Distressed bright white antique shelving.
Graphic print upholstered side chair.

 You can add your personal touch to a New England Style room by having a custom piece done by Chic Antique in any way you fancy! =)

Have a great week~ Lauren

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